Crypto: From YOLO to FOMO

BY Tom Morgan / Mar 30 2024 / Article

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The defining term of 2021’s investment mania was “YOLO” (You Only Live Once). But 2024’s crypto rally is much more about FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out).

The explosive new ETF launches have brought an entirely new audience to the Cryptocurrency asset class. Inflows to crypto funds this year have already surpassed the amount seen in all of the insanity of 2021.1 Larry Fink, the CEO of BlackRock, recently stated that their iShares Bitcoin ETF has become the fastest-growing exchange-traded fund in the entire history of the ETF industry.2

To its supporters, bitcoin is a blank canvas on which can be painted all sorts of narratives. As Scott Melker recently pointed out:

Bitcoin is a hedge against inflation, a store of value, digital gold, scarce, idiosyncratic, a diversifier, an alternative investment, censorship-resistant, a geopolitical hedge, open and transparent, cross-border, auditable, a high-return, 24/7, anti-fragile asset.

Meanwhile the best reasons not to own bitcoin are obviously the wildly-charged philosophical debate as to whether it has any “intrinsic value” at all and, more sensibly, volatility. The chart below shows it’s been either death or glory for bitcoin in any given year.


Even with those kinds of drawdowns, Bitcoin’s sheer size means it’s now reasonable to assume it’s here to stay for at least the medium term. Bitcoin’s market cap is now roughly $1.5tr, vs about $45tr for the S&P 500, $50tr for the U.S. bond market, $120tr for commodities, of which about $13tr is gold.3 This makes Bitcoin a meaningful asset class, and the ETFs have “worked.” So far.

My friend Dave Nadig also wrote an excellent recent piece that asked what this means for the Ultra High Net Worth landscape:

Moving back to 30,000 feet: this is a transfer of economic power from two classes: slow hyperagents – those who currently bend the global ruleset around them, and average joes now “participating” because folks like Fido are nudging. That power is transferred to a new class – early crypto natives. Early crypto natives become the new “elite,” who, on moving back into the fiat world, arrive with the pocketbooks to be hyperagents, dominating politics, dictating policy and accelerating the slide into corporate oligopoly.

In short, the crypto-literate have now found themselves with vastly more power, money and influence than they themselves probably expected. For obvious reasons, this community tends to have a strongly anti-authoritarian streak. The implications of this wealth-transfer will persist well beyond the boom and bust cycles.

What to do?

The decision to actively trade anything is usually a recipe for anxiety. And with bitcoin it’s even worse. There’s a huge amount of spurious technical (price chart) analysis. But this technical analysis is also self-fulfilling because (more so than other asset classes) the price itself is the signal. Much of the recent rally seems to be driven by inflows and fear-of-missing-out. These are two of the largest gravitational forces in finance, and tend to have persistent momentum.

You will also need to be well-versed in technical catalysts and potential volume drivers. For example, on May 15th holders of the ETFs will have to file their 13Fs. This holds the potential for even more “social proof” if big names (or prior public skeptics) show up as having been holders of the asset class.

The decision to “buy-and-hold” bitcoin longer term is making much more of a philosophical decision. Since the start, my personal approach has been to allocate only as much to it as I’m willing to set on fire. But the volatility does make it an appealing side-bet; as you can see in the chart above.

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